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Company Information

We are an Inbound and Outbound Tour operator based in Nepal.
We would like to request you to let us know if you have any groups or FITs coming to Nepal. We quote you the best rates and itineraries  provide
you the  necessary information regarding Travel . Moreover Nepali Smile additional flight to Nepal will be a boon for this industry in near future..

Himalaya Thunder Trek and Expedition is truly Nepalese company operates trekking & tours from Nepal. Based on Thamel, Kathmandu it offers Trek and Tour expeditions throughout Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and Sikkim. Since two decade we have involved in Nepal trek and expedition as trekking and tour manager, guide and porter for these destinations, trails now opened own company offering unique and adventurous trekking offers. With such experience now in 2011 we are licensed for expeditions, treks and tours from Government of Nepal. We are recognized by Ministry of Tourism and Civil Avation & Nepal Tourism Board, national governing body for travel and tourism. With the expertise of pick climbing and trekking in Nepal we are glad to be active member of Trekking Agents Association of Nepal. sarangkot hiking

We have experience and expertise on the sector of Travel, Trek, Climbing and trip management as well as crisis management during trek trip on high Himalayas. Having specialty in Himalayas and high altitude region we are ready for professional service satisfying you for your trip on Himalayas. With uniquely divergent Himalayan region of Nepal we offer you very warm trip to Roof of the world Tibet, the Dragon Land Bhutan and Queen of hills Darjeeling, Sikkim.

We are not only agent of making fun with adventurous drive we are the agent of Great Himalayas and great discovery of it. During trip with us you can fell peace of mind and chances to know nature, people, culture, life and great Himalayas. From majestic Himalayas Mount Everest, Annapurna to religious destinations Birth Place of Lord Buddha and Mount Kailash, Tibet; heaven according to Hindu Mythology with great Bhutanese Dragon experience with Queen of Hills of Darjeeling and Sikkim. We have good arrangement for white water rafting, kayaking and cannoning on this world's second richest country in water resources. We do personalized service on professional way when you are with us whether in Himalayan Trail or ripple of river.

Big WHY? to choose us

  1. Expertise and Experience: Established trekking companies like Himalaya Thunder Treks US usually have experienced and knowledgeable guides who are well-versed in the region's geography, culture, and safety protocols. They can provide valuable insights and ensure a safe and enjoyable trekking experience.

  2. Safety and Security: Safety is a primary concern during trekking expeditions. Reputable trekking companies prioritize safety by providing well-maintained equipment, experienced guides, and adherence to proper safety guidelines.

  3. Well-Planned Itineraries: Himalaya Thunder Treks US may offer well-thought-out trekking itineraries, taking into account factors like acclimatization, pacing, and the best times to visit specific regions. This helps to maximize the overall experience while minimizing the risk of altitude sickness and exhaustion.

  4. Customized Trips: Some trekking companies offer customized trekking packages, allowing travelers to choose the duration, difficulty level, and destinations according to their preferences and physical abilities.

  5. Environmental and Social Responsibility: Ethical trekking companies prioritize responsible tourism and contribute positively to the local communities and environment. They may support local initiatives, employ local guides, and adhere to Leave No Trace principles to minimize their impact on the natural surroundings.

  6. All-Inclusive Packages: Traveling with a reputable trekking company may provide an all-inclusive experience, covering accommodation, meals, permits, and other logistical arrangements, making the journey more convenient and stress-free.

  7. Support and Assistance: Traveling with a guided group offers a level of support and assistance, particularly during challenging situations or emergencies.

  8. Group Experience: Trekking with a group of like-minded individuals can enhance the overall experience by fostering camaraderie and shared memories.

Before choosing any trekking company, it is essential to research their reputation, read reviews from past customers, and ensure they have the necessary permits and certifications for operating in the region. Always prioritize safety and responsible travel practices when selecting a trekking company for your Himalayan adventure.

  1. We are committed for quality
    We have two decades of experience as manager, guide and porter on trekking route, trip and trails. We know better what you need during your trip; hospitality, food, cares especially at high altitude and emergency. We are opened as trekking company with our motive to use our knowledge of better trips more than making just a business. We are as professional as a trekking tour required insight and experiences to organize trip and make your journey safe. We recommend and make a trip to you keeping all details in mind of your fitness, weather, trekking experience, time and money.
  2. Friendly family environment
    We are experienced and dedicated for trekking trips. We are the team of manager, guide, Sherpas and Porter. They must be friendly with you for a successful trip, especially if you are new for Nepal for trekking it needs more and more. Our team customized for you would have such sense of friendly family environment, which cares and concerned you as your family members for safety and security.
  3. Pricing
    We are affordable and reasonable for great experience with high Himalayas and trekking trails. Having aspiration to fulfill your needs and expectation during trip we have to charge you sound. Cheap pricing will not on your behalf which may fail to provide services as required on trips and crisis. Putting quality first we want competitive pricing.
  4. Safety & Security
    'Putting safety first" it's our slogan for trekking trip. Its most important for you as well as our crews to be safe when trek. Especially in a high altitude rout and trails to make trip secured we use safety guidelines as in international practice and highly qualified guides to ensure your safety. We brief you altitude and caused sickness before departure. Providing quality equipments, tents, medical kits we have extra staffs to care if something goes wrong with your health. If evacuation needs here we have arrangements for rescue with helicopter. For safety of our team we fully insured guides, sherpas and porters as well as proper clothing for high altitudes and suggests you to make proper travel insurance and clothing arrangements.
  5. Responsible
    We are equally responsible and committed with social responsibility as your safety. It's our responsibility to make responsible practice toward environment, culture and host community at practicing trekking. We are the supporter of village social project non profit, non political organization working on education and nutrition for village children along with agricultural activities on rural villages. We are sharing 3 % of our profit with this organization. The amount enables this organization to makes its social program efficient with broad horizon.