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Changunarayan Hiking


  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Trip Grade: Easy

Changunarayan is the name of deity enshrined in the Changunarayan Temple. Form the deity's name the location known as Changunaraya, located about 25 km east from Kathmandu. Changunarayan is dedicated for lord Vishnu as he often called Narayana. It's believed that temple was constructed in the 323 AD by King Hari Dutta and it's the oldest temple. It doesn't only religious significance it's the historical landmark for Nepal with Bramhi manuscript. It often said open museum. A stone slab has discovered in the vicinity of the temple dates to the 5th century, Manu scripted by Manadev, who first documented the history in Bramhi manuscript.

Changunarayan Temple is one of seven structures cited by UNESCO as demonstrating the historic and artistic achievements that make the Kathmandu Valley a World Heritage Site. Known as the biggest among the four Narayans of Kathmandu valley it has religious significance than the others. Situated at the top of the hill it produces lots of scenic beauty with spectacular Himalayas in North and terraces with seasonal crops. Panoramic Kathmandu valley along with years old handy crafted typical Pyagoda temple with cultural setting is major attraction of Changunarayan.

Traditional Newar villages, cultural practices as well as multi roof style houses with lots of temples holds its identity as a historical position. It’s the location to know Nepal historically and culturally. With pine forests you can enjoy fresh environment to refresh as well. Local activities in farms and house holds attracts as it has cultural route with a years long practice. 25 km drive from Kathmandu leads you another historical city Shankhu, mythological kingdom of Navaraj, described in Shree Swasthani. Himalaya Thunder Treks teams with strong historical knowledge quenches your thirst of knowledge as well as make this hike full of excitement.

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